Membership Agreement

Slip Assignment
The Club assigns one moorage slip per membership. Membership and slip assignment may not be transferred or sold and is for the calendar year indicated. Member agrees to moor only the boat registered with the club and agrees to e-mail a change of boat request to The BoatWorks, LTD at before mooring an unregistered boat. The BoatWorks, Ltd. will make every effort to accommodate requests for location changes during the renewal season. Cancellations and location changes are subject to a $100 fee.

The Club provides Members with close-in parking to our moorage.  Each membership is provided with two parking permits. Additional permits and replacement permits may be purchased for $50 each. To purchase additional permits call Ray @ (503) 781-5200. To insure that Members have parking available when needed The Club contracts with a tow company to randomly patrol the lots and remove vehicles that do not display a current permit. Member agrees to insure a valid permit is visible to tow truck drivers who will look at the driver’s front windshield. There is a possibility that a Member’s vehicle will be removed from the lot if it does not display a Boones Ferry Marina Permit when parked there.

Any member who for ANY reason is without a parking permit should use the pay to park lots to avoid being towed. Please call Ray @ (503) 781-5200 to arrange for a permit if needed.

The Club provides fueling services at the Fuel Dock. Member bringing their own fuel to the moorage may do so only on the Fuel Dock. Fuel containers are not permitted in the general moorage area, except on the Fuel Dock.

The Club provides the assigned moorage in its present condition and Members agree to accept the assigned moorage in its present condition, as is, and agree that The BoatWorks, Ltd. shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind or description to the property of the Member. Member agrees to indemnify and save harmless The BoatWorks, Ltd from and against loss, damage, liability, cost and expenses which Member may sustain or bear to which it may be put, resulting in any manner from the occupancy of said premises by the Member or the Members invitees regardless of any negligence of The BoatWorks, Ltd.

The Club has the right to and Member agrees that this agreement may be terminated because of disruptive behavior or violation of the terms of this agreement and that no refund of any unused segment of the dues will be paid. In case it is necessary to institute a suit or action to enforce compliance with any terms of this agreement, Member agrees to pay and discharge all The BoatWorks, LTD’s costs and expenses, including attorney fess that arise from enforcing any provision or covenants of this agreement even if no suit is instated.