Parking Permits

The Club provides close-in parking for In-Water members only. Each Member is provided with two parking permits. Additional permits and replacement permits may be purchased for $50 ea.

To purchase, please complete the form below.

The popular public boat ramp at the marina and the people who use it create a parking challenge for our Members. To insure that Members have parking available when needed, The Club contracts with a towing company to randomly patrol the lots and remove vehicles that do not display a current permit. A Member agrees to display a valid permit on the driver's front windshield for easy identification. If not displayed properly, a Members' vehicle has the chance of being towed. If for any reason a Member is without a parking permit, please use the public lots to avoid being towed.


Please inform your family and friends that the "permit only" signs are for real. If you don't have a permit, there are public parking lots for guests, non-permitted cars, and for boaters using the public boat ramp.

Per our current contract, cars are towed to Clackamas. Charges are set by the towing company and are upwards of $250. (The BoatWorks does not profit from towing fees.)

Public Parking

Public parking is available for cars and trucks with trailers. There are two public parking lots located within walking distance of the marina. View the aerial photo for the location of these lots.