The Boones Ferry Boating Club is a private boating club operated by The BoatWorks, Ltd.  Membership entitles Members to moor/store a specified boat in a specified location at The BoatWorks facilities on the Upper Willamette River at Boones Ferry Landing.

We invite you to review the (4) Membership Options in more detail below. . .

Wait List

WHY? In-Water, On-Land and VIP Memberships at Boones Ferry Marina & Boating Club sell out. Your fully refundable Wait List Deposit of $500 holds your place in line to receive notification as memberships become available. Based on your placement on the Wait List, we'll contact you with your choice of options as we learn of non-renewing Memberships. Upon accepting a Membership, your deposit will be applied to your Membership price. In the event we're unable to satisfy your Membership requirements in a timeframe that is suitable to you, we'll refund your deposit in full.

HOW? After you review the Membership options below and know which Membership fits your needs, proceed to complete the easy online Wait List Request Form that includes paying for your deposit via PayPal. If you are unable to use our web based system please contact us and we’ll take the information over the phone.

Wait List is $500 for all Membership Options

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In-Water Membership

WHY? Your playtime is priceless. As an In-Water Member you'll spend more time out on the open water. Just pull into the marina, park close to your slip, walk to your boat, store your boat cover, and GO! No more trailering, traffic, ramp lines, stressfull loading and launching nor hiking to and from overcrowded parking lots. As an In-Water Member you'll enjoy more time for boating + floating and sunning + funning. Now, isn’t that why you bought a boat in the first place?

HOW? In-Water Membership in the Boones Ferry Marina is purchased annually with one payment for the calendar year. Members are entitled to moor a specific boat in a specific slip for that calendar year. These Memberships generally sell out. The In-Water Membership renewal period is Jan 1 thru Feb 15. Renewing Members may keep their existing slip or request “the best available” location after all renewals are processed on Feb 16. Once Renewing Members are settled, In-Water Wait List requests are contacted with the “best available” choices.

By the way; we can arrange storage for your empty trailer once you’ve launched your boat; so be sure to check this add-on option on the Wait List form.

In-Water Membership prices range from $1100 to $2200 annually

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On-Land Membership

On-Land Members prefer to have their boat on its’ trailer, under a roof, and ready to GO on any given weekend. The On-Land boatyard is clean, secure, and well lit. You'll have 24/7 access to your boat and can quickly launch at the public ramp and leave your vehicle in your secure port; even overnight. Should you decide to transport your boat to another location, you can be assured that your boat is clean, dry and ready for your next adventure. In addition, you'll gain valuable garage space at home where you can store other vehicles. Keeping your boat protected from the elements will also help protect your investment. (There is no reserved In-Water tie-up with this membership.)

HOW? On-Land Memberships are annual. Billing occurs with 50% due on May 1 and the 50% balance due on November 1. The annual On-Land Membership is $1900.

On-Land Membership fees are $1900 annually

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VIP Membership

WHY? The VIP Membership offers you "the best of all worlds" at a discounted rate (save $300!) This option bundles the annual On-Land Membership ($1900 value) with a Jan thru Dec In-Water Membership ($1100-$2200). It also eliminates the need to purchase Empty Trailer Storage (a $250 value). You'll own an on-land “boatport” year round and a designated moorage slip for the calendar year. When on-land storage agreements come due in April, they'll be no need to vacate storage. You can launch at any time and remain In-Water when it suits you, leaving your trailer secure in your port. Fair weather boaters usually launch their boat according to the weather forecast while VIP adventurers make plans based on their busy schedules. Let the VIP option help to "uncomplicate" your schedule. You'll no longer spend time dealing with boat logistics and can eliminate "boat" items from your "To Do" list once and for all.

HOW? The VIP program requires Members to provide auto payment on January 1, (50%) and July 1, (50%).

VIP Memberships range from $2,700 - $3,800 per year

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Short Term Moorage

WHY? Make your holiday weekend boating plans easy!

HOW? Boones Ferry Marina & Boating Club offers a limited number of Short Term reserved In-Water moorage slips. These are available for a 3-day minimum at a cost of $120. Extra days are $30. (This does not include empty trailer storage or vehicle parking on at Boones Ferry Marina. Short term tenants may use the public facilities adjacent to our property.)

Short Term Moorage is pre-paid. $120 minimum (3-day minimum) + $30 per day thereafter

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